Dream v2.0

I wake up in 30ish years. Not too much older though. I treat this like that’s something new but I agreed with. I look around and see a really nice house which I’m kinda used to as well, but that’s not a place I’ve lived in for long enough so I know it too well.

It’s dark outside and I can’t see anything beyond the pure darkness through the windows. I walk into the living room and I see my family. They welcome me as if they haven’t seen me for a couple days. I sit and discuss about my sleep, how long it took and how are they feeling. Everyone seems to be excited about the new thing, but somehow scared as well. We get tired pretty quick, since that’s how the new cycle works: you sleep longer to live longer. I had a quick meal with my family and then went for a quick nap, the lazy way.

I’m feeling exhausted of so much sleep. I wake up to realize it’s been ~70 more years. It’s dark as well. Feels like it’s only us so I really wanna go outside but I can’t yet. I have to see my family first. I get to see some of them. Somehow I end up on the first seat in a cargo van with my father. We’re in a dark garage, trying to figure out why would someone throw away the original media player, and replace it with a way bigger one. It doesn’t fit in the enclosing it’s supposed to be so it’s hanging on its own wires. Now that’s disturbing.

I end up in another endless sleep. Feels like I want to go out or make it stop but I can’t. We’re in predefined states which we can’t avoid. I can’t rewind the time, stop it or even at least enjoy it. I get to understand passing time is definitely not something I wanted deep inside. I had an unimaginable will to to feel the joy of a real, juicy life. It feels dried out. I know have to make a difference this time. And I’m very motivated to do it.

I wake up in ~1000 years. It’s year ~3400. I’m feeling old. But I want to make a change. Find out the source of all of this. I pay more attention to what we eat: really big slices of some kind of veggies and fruits which tasted weird. They didn’t seem to be real. I was told it’s the only food we eat, since that’s efficient. Maybe that’s too efficient, I thought.
I want to know and see more this time. Feels like the will to see more makes me actually see more.

On a long sofa, there’s a ~3 years old boy on the left-most side. He looks similar. His look was too much rationalized. Weird enough, he had the eyes of an adult. It seemed like he knew way more than me despite his age. He had or at least he knew the plan. I could see it. He looks at me and laughs. A combination of an adult who knows what he’s doing but tries to make it look like he doesn’t. Next to him there is a bit older kid, around 7 years old. Looks exactly the same as the other one. I look through everyone on that long sofa and I see the same, it’s just a bit older. They have exactly the same eyes. I’m stuck. How could have this happened?

I run out to look for answers. I see we’re in a neighborhood of houses on a hill. Every house had the lights turned on and I could see inside. There was nobody. They were all empty. I run around the area to find the main house. It wasn’t written it’s the main one, but I could feel there has to be an answer to my unknown question. I go inside and I see the same man as the one on the sofa. He looks real. He was the real one. I could see the juice of life in his body. He didn’t say anything. I started having glitches. I’d start uncovering moments of realities I’ve had before which inaccessible before.
A random girl asks me what do I want to do to me body. I tell her I’m not sure yet and I ask what did she do with hers. She told me, she cremated it and disposed it in space, like everyone else. It hit me. I start rewinding everything I’ve seen so far through the perspective of being in the cycles defined by that man. He’s achieving humanity perfection with the cost of our unreal lives. We’re beyond our bodied and living in a pre-defined reality. What is reality then if what we see isn’t real? What makes the real, be real?

It’s 7:11 AM and I wake up. Exhausted and confused whether this is all real or not.

What is real?

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