Proactive Android Engineer with a great initiative towards perfecting the moving pieces from around.

Mostly worked on production client side apps focusing on video playback, architecture, analytics, core modules and complex UI on mobile, tablet and TV for NBC, WeTV and AMC.

Key Technical Highlights


services, data storing, lists, threads, content providers

Rest API

Volley, RxJava, Retrofit

Images Loading

Glide, Picasso


Data Binding, Butterknife


Espresso, JUnit, UIAutomator

Architecture Patterns

MVVM(mostly), MVP

Other Frameworks

Flutter, Electron, React Native, WordPress, Laravel

Lead Android Engineer, UI Centric

August 2017 – present

Develop, improve & maintain video based android apps for multiple platforms. Appreciated for impactful initiatives and for getting things done despite the blockers.

As a team lead, I make sure we all together deliver a product which continuously increases the customers’ satisfaction.

  • increased the app stability by implementing the MVVM pattern & using the architecture components
  • improved the playback performance & UX by loading the necessary data & views at right times
  • adapted both the player SDK and the app when migrating from Anvato SDK
  • improved the team efficiency by setting guidelines for coding, development & git flow
  • rebuilt the deeplink implementation (
  • rebuilt the search implementation (Algolia)
  • AMC​: maintained the DRM support (mpeg-dash + widevine)
  • Leia Loft:​ setup the mock environment for the team and developed a smooth home cover flow

Android Engineer, Lama Team

January 2015 – August 2017

Developed mobile & web apps while setting up the necessary infrastructure for the team. I’d always come up with creative and optimistic solutions for the given challenges.
I was involved in all processes from initial contact with client and setting requirements to fully delivering the product.

Smoothly play video frames back & forth based on phone’s scrolling speed & direction, from 1x to 12x the playback speed. Developed the Android app & objective-c server with avplayer.

Read more here:  Implementing an interactive wall

white-label app to engage with food chain customers by streamlining their services. 6 brands, with a total of ~50 restaurants are currently using the platform.

Read more here:

Android Developer, MaxLabs

March 2014 – September 2014

Gained amazing experience in a team with a well defined development flow. Implemented features for AdoreMe Shopping app. The app is based on Magento e-commerce platform. Implementing new features was more about adapting the already pre-built framework.
The app had 1+ mln downloads on Google Play Store.

Android Developer, Rodac Info

June 2013 – November 2013

Developed the android mobile app for a social media platform for pet owners: