Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

based in Austin, TX


I build Android Apps & lead teams through the process of enjoying the struggle.

NBC Digital Android Apps

I improve, maintain and sometimes build (parts) of the NBC apps for Android mobile, FireTV, Android TV and Kindle.

The apps have 1mln+ of daily active users and video playbacks.

As a team lead, I make sure we all together deliver a product which continuously increases the customers’ satisfaction.

#agile #pairprogramming #git #jira  #jenkins #analyticseverything


Take a screenshot -> share the shortlink.

They key ingredient is that the screenshots are stored on your own Google Drive.

At any time you can review, hide or remove them. You’re in full control of what you share!

Supported Platforms: Mac/Windows/Linux

#electron #gdrive #personal

Thoughts & Projects
A quote I believe in

“You can always do a bit more than you think you can do.”