Sharing is Caring – Phase I: making of One Hour Website

I’ve always been trying to optimize the processes around me. It fells boring not to. Same applies to all the website I’ve built. It could be a temporary experiment, a website for a relative or even a project started with a couple friends. I’ve improved the process so much, that I’ve realized I could set up one a couple hours. Starting with buying the domain and finishing with the template installed and the website fully working with real data.

Websites do work if used properly. If they don’t, they have to be there when starting something. People need to land somewhere. You need to direct the traffic somewhere. It simply can’t be only a social media page.

I’m eager to share this experience with as many people as I can reach, so that you guys can iterate and fail fast. That is the only way to succeed.

The content makes the difference. That’s where all the effort has to be focused(most of the time). It has to be consistent and related of course. And this is what takes most of the time after the template is set up.


Before working on developing the idea, I want to see what does the market already have.

I started looking up online for events and courses which teach people how to build websites and here’s what I found:

“Build Your Own Website” by Thinkful. It is an event for those who want to start with HTML/CSS.

Learn HTML, CSS & Boostrap

And one more from same organizer:

A free event for those interested in WordPress security:

That’s mostly about it. All of them are free.

Considering there are some events and there is interest on the market, I thought I could quickly teach people while the walk around during an event.

First draft

My first thought was to grab a portable table and deploy it somewhere on a side of a busy street. I would have a sign saying “will teach you build a website in under one hour for 90$”. Here, I even made a sketch:

I knew it sounds crazy but I got too excited and ordered this amazing portable table:

And this attractive stand:

In case it all fails, I could use the portable table to have a picnic. Not sure what I could do with the stand though, but a good stand can always be useful!

Then I started writing the bonus instructions. I’d have to follow them anyway during the one hour on-street teaching.

Here comes the very useful dropbox paper:–AZdqI9u84hJYk7L~Df1rquzwAQ-YzaGB2M88vppOfEQRIZ5o

So now I’ve got the instructions, a concept plan and the tools I need.

Next weekend I’ll walk on the streets during SXSW and will try to see what would be a perfect spot to land. Also, I need to ask a lawyer what are the legal measurements I need to take so I can do all of that legally. Besides, there are businesses which sell goods and services on the streets so I’m wondering what does it take to be there.

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